Breda Blogs…not Joe!

10 Mar

As I blog regularly for Learning Pool, Radio Magnetic and Dead Sound I didn’t really think I needed another blog. But with SXSW on the horizon, the need to practice my live blogging skills and often thinking of random post ideas which don’t fall under the categories of the existing blogs I contribute to, I thought what the heck, another blog it is.

Plus, the domain Breda Blogs (It hasn’t made its way onto the actual URL yet…) and it’s reminding of the clothing company The Legendary Joe Bloggs which was very cool when I was young (well if you were a member of Kris Kross and jumping around) just had to be purchased. Although given that my name often causes confusion for people I should have also bought the domains and, the latter my personal favourite for the sheer bewilderment of why anyone would think my parents would have named me after a dough product, particularly as I don’t even bake…

Over the coming weeks I’ll be posting here about SXSW and following that about anything on mind which I feel the need to populate the blogosphere with…

Thanks for reading!


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