SXSW Interview: David J. Neff and The Future of Nonprofits

13 Mar

I caught up with nonprofits innovator and author, David J. Neff during SXSW to discuss his forthcoming book, The Future of Nonprofits: Innovate and Thrive in the Digital Age.  David has written the book alongside Randal C. Moss and it explores  how the future of innovation, internal entrepreneurship, fundraising and social media communications are going to radically reshape the landscape of nonprofits in the next five years.

Neff has been helping nonprofits become more innovative for over 10 years. This includes launching the American Cancer Society’s first software program , building the first ever user-generated Web Site for those affected by cancer, and starting their Social Media, Online Giving and Film departments.

Currently Neff is working on setting up his own nonprofit called Lights. Camera. Help. which aids nonprofits to focus on good through film, education and the world’s first film focused volunteer program.

I spoke to Neff about how The Future of Nonprofits came to be written, the key ways the landscape of nonprofits is going to change over the next few years, how he defines an internal entrepreneur and how nonprofits can use these people to drive development within their organisations. Listen to the interview below.

Visit The Future of Nonprofits website to learn more about the book and the authors.

Check out My Learning Pool to see how Learning Pool are aiding nonprofits and anyone involved in the civil sector to become more efficient and respond positively to increasing budget cuts through a range of engaging, online training modules.

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